Why Do a Trademark Search?

Trademark search

A trademark search allows you to know beforehand the probabilities a trademark has of being successfully registered. Before you go ahead and invest your money registering a trademark, knowing the probabilities the trademark has of actually being registered will allow you to save time and money by not proceeding with a trademark registration that has little to no chance of registering.

Do I Need a Trademark? 10 Things You Should Know

Why register a trademark

You may be asking yourself: do I need a trademark? We've got your know-all guide so you can get the answers you need to know. Read on to learn more.

Whether you’re starting a business, expanding your product line, or rebranding, it’s important to ask yourself — do I need a trademark for my business? There are a lot of factors to consider. As with any other intellectual property matter, it’s always good to check off all the boxes before going through the process or deciding it’s not necessary for your business. Here are 10 things you should know:

What is the Trademark Madrid System?

Trademark Madrid System

The Madrid System for multinational trademark applications aims at facilitating the process of trademark registration in a large number of countries. It is governed by the Madrid Protocol, a treaty signed by multiple members, and allows a trademark holder to request the extension of a single trademark application or registration made in one member country to any number of other member countries.

Who should own my Trademark?

Trademark owner

At first glance, this might seem like a completely pointless question. Of course I should be the owner of my trademark! But is it that simple?

At iGERENT, we not only provide our clients with information regarding the registration process in specific countries, we also help them define a global trademark strategy, and among the subjects that come up most often is the owner of trademark and who it should be. There are different aspects of this subject that future trademark owners must concern themselves with. 

What do Burger King and Target have in common?

Burger King and Target

One of our American clients wrote to us recently to tell us an interesting anecdote from his recent trip to Australia. During his trip, he decided to visit one of the traditional fast food joints to eat something, but when he entered into the restaurant – which he assumed was Australian – he realised that everything reminded him of a traditional chain in his home country, Burger King: the menus, design and even the colour scheme. 

Google Spoke: This is Not What You Are Looking For

Google Logo

Any entrepreneur, or owner of a new business, will face great uncertainty when launching a project, and this uncertainty might come from very unexpected sources, like for instance one of Google’s practices.

A client contacted us recently to request a trademark search in the United States. The client, who wishes to remain anonymous, had already started using a trademark that they liked and wished to get our advice regarding registration.

Registered trademark symbols: Types, differences and uses

Registered trademark symbols

Although we are used to seeing these symbols everywhere, we have noticed that most people do not have a clear knowledge of their different uses and applications. What’s more, they don’t know how to write them. 

This is why we have created this brief guide, to avoid misunderstandings and above all so that you can learn how to write and use the Trademark™, Registered Trademark ® and Copyright©.

NOTE: If you end up having trouble writing these symbols, we advise you to simply copy them from this page. The best way to have them always at hand is to bookmark this article.

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