Should I Trademark My Business Name? (UK Guide)

Trademark registration in UK

Should I trademark my business name in the UK? In this guide, we are going to break down the potential benefits of trademarking your business name in the UK. The intricacies of international trademark registration can vary depending on the size of your business. This guide is for small business owners exploring trademark registration in the UK.

Trademark domain names - a necessary step to protect you business

Trademark domain name | iGerent

Trademarks serve to identify the product or service a company offers. Domain names are the web addresses that companies use for clients to access their web sites. With the exponential growth of ecommerce and online marketing, both are just as important for a company's value and survival. Not having both of those elements of the company assets properly protected may be devastating for a business.

Trademark Domain Names: When to Do It

Ideally trademark registration and domain name registration go hand in hand.

The importance of Trademarks for Football Clubs and Players

Soccer player

The vital role that law plays in football cannot be understated. We will shed light on the recent developments and disputes which illustrate the importance of sport trademarks and the role that the law plays towards increasing the game’s commercial profitability and the success of clubs.

We will also outline the challenges that participants face when they ignore an essential aspect of the business: brand protection.

What Can and Cannot be Trademarked?

What cannot be trademarked

There is often a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the topic of what can and what cannot be registered as trademarks.  

Now that your business is growing and your sales are improving tremendously, you believe that it is time to trademark your business name. Many people in the exact same position ask this question: “What can I trademark?”. They wonder about this because they are unsure as to whether it is possible to trademark a color, a common word, a symbol, or even their birth names.

We will provide some answers to this question in the following paragraphs.

Don’t Feed the Patent Trolls - Intellectual Property

Patent trolls

A new malicious practice had taken over and swept across several businesses worldwide. This trend seems to have started in the United States, but it has quickly spread and become a common practice among several criminal and fictitious organizations, whose sole purpose is to operate in gray areas to try to enforce patent rights over vaguely related products or ideas.

The Business Benefits of Registering Sound Trademarks

Sound Trademarks

Although sounds are included in the types of marks that can be registered, traditionally, trademarking sounds has been very difficult and sometimes burdensome for trademark agencies to protect. The first known record of a trademark of this kind is from the early 1970s, by the American news company NBCS. This company fought an uphill battle but successfully trademarked the sound that was played when switching through different segments of their radio recordings.

What are the Rights Related to a Trademark?

Registered trademark rights

Trademarks have existed since ancient times. From engraving signatures on artistic creations to drawing symbols and words on pottery, people have always come up with a way to demonstrate ownership.

However, trademarks started to play an important role when industrialization began. Since then, they have become an important factor in the modern world of market-oriented economies and international trade.

With all this in mind, why have trademarks become so important?

The History of Trademarks all around the World

Trademark history

The Beginning of Trademark History

Humans have been trademarking things since before there was even a word for it. Although it is nearly impossible to tell exactly when the first trademark came to be, thanks to Google (also trademarked), we have access to information that proves that one of the earliest known examples dates back to 5000 BC.