Free Trademark Search


We provide free trademark search services. This allows you to receive up to date information regarding trademarks that may conflict with yours. Having information regarding identical trademarks or similar trademarks allows you to make better decisions when it comes to trademark registration.

Our free trademark check can be limited to a single country; however, international trademark search services are also available if needed.

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Why is a Free Trademark Search a Good Idea?


Trademarks can be refused registration by government authorities for a number of reasons. One of the most common mistakes that happen when registering a trademark is not checking whether an identical trademark already exists.

During the registration process the trademark authority will carry out their own trademark searches to see whether or not they accept your trademark. This clearance search in most cases is done through the same trademark database we use.

Why not carry out your own free trademark search of registered trademarks before proceeding with the application fees and payment? The search results may save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Search trademarks

Our trademark free search service will only include trademarks that fall under the same class as yours. Trademarks that are registered under different classes will generally not be a conflict for registration.

Our consultants will assist you in determining the classes of your trademark before proceeding with the free trademark search.

Avoid making the mistake of starting to use and commercialize your products under a trademark you will be unable to protect. If you begin using a trademark without knowing if potential conflicting trademarks have already been registered you may end up receiving cease and desist letters and being sued for trademark infringement. Many startups and companies invest time and money in positioning their trademarks only to have to rebrand down the line due to lack of due diligence.

  • Should my Free Trademark Search be for One Country or International?


    This will ultimately depend on what countries or markets you truly intend to use your trademark in. If you intend on registering your trademark in the United States we will only search for identical trademarks through the USPTO database. There is no reason for you not to register your trademark in the United States if identical trademarks exist in Chile.

    What countries should you be interested in for the trademark free search? Only those in which you intend to register your trademark or have economic activities in.

    Trademarks are only protected in the countries they are registered. Only trademarks registered in the countries you intend to register your trademark should be taken into account. However, depending on your future business plan a greater geographic scope for the free trademark search may need to be considered. Our expert consultants will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

  • Countries in Which Our Free Trademark Search is Available

    Our trademark services are available for more than 180 countries and territories. Our trademark search services are available in the majority of these jurisdictions. In most countries we have access to the trademark electronic search system the patent and trademark office uses. Access to most of these trademark databases is not freely available online.

  • What Does a Free Trademark Search Include?

    Search of Identical trademarks

    Our free trademark search includes identical wordmarks that have been registered. Only trademarks that fall under the same class will be considered.

    For the free identical trademark search a search for letter strings will be considered. This is to say, the searched trademark will not have to be identical in the strict meaning of the words, but rather if the letters or numbers that make the trademark are included in other marks.

    Trademarks are registered in different classes depending on the products or services they are for. Our consultants will assist you in correctly classifying your trademark if needed.

    Search of other general issues that may be a problem for registration

    The free trademark search also includes a brief analysis of the trademarks elements. This will alert you of other common causes for which a trademark may be refused.

  • Extensive Trademark Search

    The Best and Safest Option

    We also offer more extensive trademark search reports if necessary. These reports are not only for wordmarks but also designs.


    These reports will not only include identical trademarks but also any other similar trademarks that should be taken into account. Trademarks that may lead to likelihood of confusion will be included.

    This report includes an analysis of the different elements of the trademark. This will allow us to alert you of any other problems that may arise during the trademark application process. 

    Our extensive trademark search report also includes the opinion of a trademark attorney regarding the chances of the trademark being registered. This type of search report also includes legal advice and recommendations to further secure a straightforward registration process.

    An extensive trademark search report may not always be necessary. Our trademark consultants will let you know if they believe this is necessary. Our teams understand the importance of protecting your trademark. However, we also understand this should be done in the most cost effective way possible.

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