Is your brand an image, a logo, or an imagotype?

What is a logo

It is very common to hear most people using the term “logo” to refer to the graphic and visual element that represents a brand. But in reality, this is not entirely correct. Not everything we see as a brand image is the same. Do you know what a logo is and how it is actually identified?

There are different visual elements that represent a brand, so each new branding project should be well planned before starting on the design. Keep in mind that the public will identify your brand through this visual element.

How to Apply for a Trademark in the US

Apply for trademark

So far this year over 200,000 trademark applications have been submitted to be reviewed. 

Many business owners register a trademark to protect their brands. But if you've never applied for a trademark before, you may want to check the process. The trademark process is very intricate. 

A Guide To Apply for a Trademark

To help you out, we've created a step by step guide to apply for a trademark. 

Is your logo yours or the designer's?

Is your logo yours or the designer's

Most companies hire brand design services from a freelance or a design and advertising agency when they need to improve their image and create a solid corporate identity to connect with their audience and improve their online reputation. 

So far so good. But what happens with those creations? Do you know exactly who owns the rights to them, the client or the designer? 

How to Trademark a Name and Why It Matters

How to trademark a name

In business, as in life, your name is all you've got. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but it's not entirely untrue. Your name, symbol, and logo are central to who your business is. Your name, more than anything. It's up to you to protect it.

On that note, have you ever wondered how to trademark a name? For such an important step in your business plan, you really should be prepared.

Let's take a closer look at registering to protect your precious name, shall we?

Protecting and enforcing your trademark in China

Trademark in China

Registering your trademark in China is the first step to protecting it. Although it is not an obligation, not doing so will more often than not prove to be a catastrophic error. Whether you sell or manufacture your products in China, not registering your trademark will leave you without protection and open to becoming the next victim of trademark squatting in China.

I have my product’s trademark registered in China, is there anything else I should do to protect my business? Yes.

UK and Commonwealth Trademarks

UK and Commonwealth Trademarks

The Commonwealth of Nations might seem to many as a historical rather than current artefact, especially to those outside it, and only mentioned in international news when one of the UK’s former colonies receive the visit of a member of the Royal Family, and yet it has implications for its members in many aspects of modern life – including the one that concerns us, trademark protection.

Trademarks after BREXIT – protecting your trademark in the United Kingdom

Trademarks after BREXIT

BREXIT has left the world and especially Europe in an uncomfortable stand-by. While the months pass, the number of questions and theories of how, what, and when only increase. Deal, no deal, hard BREXIT or soft BREXIT, even the possibility of a second referendum now seems to be an option, although remote. However, when it comes to trademarks and industrial designs in a post BREXIT era, how they would be handled in the worst-case scenario of a no deal hard BREXIT now seems to be clear.

What Is Cybersquatting and How Can It Affect A Trademark?


It can take less than 5 minutes to register a domain name online, for a fee that can be as low as $10. However, in a world of "first come, first served," many things can go wrong – and they often do. As we all know, not everyone acts in an ethical manner.

What happens when someone registers a domain name to profit from someone else's brand? The short answer: the brand suffers. 

If you want to learn about cybersquatting, and what it means for trademarks, keep reading.

Do I have to register my trademark?

Register my trademark

In one form or another, “do I have to register my trademark” is usually one of the first questions that someone embarking on the journey to trademark registration will ask.

The simplest – and maybe simplistic – answer to this question would be “You don’t have to, but you should”. Here’s why, in less simplistic terms.

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