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As a company specializing in global intellectual property services, iGERENT provides the experience and know-how to guide all trademark owners, from small businesses to large corporations, through the intricacies of international trademark registration.
With services in more than 200 jurisdictions, a team of expert Consultants, and an extensive network of trustworthy local agents, we are your one-stop solution for all your trademark registration needs!

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What is iGERENT?

While we have a strong focus on worldwide trademark registration and extensive experience dealing with our clients’ trademark portfolios, at iGERENT we have a holistic approach to Intellectual Property protection. This is why we pride ourselves on being able to offer services related to all aspects of IP: trademarks, industrial designs, PCT patents, copyrights, custom border patrol, domain name disputes…
With the understanding that every client has different resources and requirements, we analyze their target markets, budget, and short and long-term plans in order to offer them recommendations and strategies on how to best protect their interests.
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Why choose iGERENT?

Trustworthiness and transparency

As we find that trustworthiness is an essential feature of legal services, we have made transparency one of our most important company policies. For each service that we process, our trademark Consultants will provide our clients with all the relevant details as well as the complete related documentation.

Clear and straightforward pricing

Our quoted prices include all professional fees as well as official fees. We do not charge hourly rates, nor do we bill a service after it has been performed. Paying upfront for each service provides our clients with the guarantee that no additional funds will be necessary to complete a task entrusted to us. With iGERENT, hidden costs will never be an issue.

Continuous monitoring of local processes

Since trademarks are handled by local attorneys in each jurisdiction, and all countries have their own unique trademark law, monitoring a portfolio of trademarks can become a complex experience. This is why iGERENT has developed a unique docketing system which allows our trademark Consultants to monitor each local process with the required care and efficiency.

A single channel of communication

International trademark portfolios require dealing with inconveniences such as time differences, foreign currencies, and language barriers, among others. With iGERENT, all communication and billing will be centralized through one online account and one trademark Consultant. Our clients direct all their inquiries to their assigned Consultant, ensuring easy and fluid communication.

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