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The process of registering a trademark can be complex; we pride ourselves in making the process as easy and straightforward as possible for our clients. If you would like to receive a quotation please fill the information below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

It is important to be well informed before ordering any services. Visit our Trademark Learning Center & Frequently Asked questions section to have a general understanding of trademark matters. You may also visit our individual country pages, where you may find our prices for basic services such as Trademark Assessment Reports, Trademark Applications and Trademark Watch services. However, our services are not limited to these; our local affiliates can assist you with any trademark-related service you may require.

All our prices include professional fees and government/official fees. With our quotation, you will know the real price of a determined service. We do not charge on an hourly basis nor is our initial quote an estimation. If you need a specific service, we will give you a straightforward price.

If your inquiry is not related to Trademark Registration, then please use our general contact form.

We are also available over the phone from Monday to Friday:

+1 (305) 509-6503 (US & Canada)

+44 (20) 3808-3898 (Europe)

"A great trademark is appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, memorable and unique."

- Primo Angeli, graphic communications expert