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Checking up on Your Trademark Status in the USA

Have you recently submitted a trademark? If so, then make sure you regularly monitor your application upon filing for status updates. If an examining attorney sends an Office action in regard to your application, then you have about 6 months from the mailing date of said action to respond. If you fail to do so, then your application will be declared abandoned. Depending on how much money, time, and effort you spent on your trademark application, this can be a huge loss for you or your business. 

To help prevent any problems associated with trademarks, use our guide below on how you can check up on your trademark status today.

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When to Check Your Trademark Status

If you are wondering when you need to check your trademark status, then know that the status process works like this: 

 1. During the Pendency of an Application

Once you have submitted a trademark application, you should check on the status at least every 6 months between the filing date and issuance of the registration. 

To help accomplish this, it is recommended to set up a reminder system. 

Upon registering, you are responsible for filing post-registration documents when they are due.

To help you with this, the United States Patent and Trademark Office can issue you a courtesy e-mail reminder of upcoming maintenance filing deadlines to anyone who authorizes e-mail communication.  

After filing any post-registration documents, you should check the status of your registration at least every 6 months again. You should continue this until you receive notice that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has accepted your declaration or renewal application. They should take action on your filing within 3 weeks, so you should confirm that it has been received and assigned for processing within a month after filing your application. 


How to Check Status

You should check your trademark status when a notice or action from the United States Patent and Trademark Office is expected. Whether you are an applicant or a registrant, if you need to make an inquiry into the status of a pending matter, you can do it through the USPTO directly. 

1. Trademark Status and Document Retrieval

The Trademark Status and Document Retrieval can be used to retrieve status information and view and download documents for pending and registered trademarks. The Trademark Status and Document Retrieval can also display information contained in the United States Patent and Trademark Office records regarding 

International registrations and applications. This can be very helpful for those who filed under the Madrid system through the United States. To access the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval, enter your valid trademark serial number or registration number. From there, click on the "status" or "documents" buttons, and will be entered from there. 

2. Telephone Status Check 

 If you are unable to access the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval to retrieve online status information, then you can telephone the Trademark Assistance Center to request a status check at:

 (571) 272-9250 /  (800) 786-9199

 The Trademark Assistance Center is open from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Fridays. This excludes holidays, however. 


Duty to Monitor Status

Due to your duty to monitor status, you must check your status after filing. Failure to act diligently and follow up with appropriate action can actually result in denial of any later requested relief, so make sure you stay on top of your status. The United States Patent and Trademark Office will deny petitions to reactivate abandoned applications or canceled registrations if you failed to be diligent. This includes failing to inquire about the status of a pending matter within a reasonable time. This is especially important if your status inquiry shows that something is wrong, for example, if:

Monitor Status- Your filing was lost

- No action was taken regarding correspondence that was submitted

- Some other problem 

Therefore, if your status inquiry shows that something is wrong, then you must:

1. E-mail the Trademark Assistance Center

To request assistance with resolving your problem, you should e-mail the Trademark Assistance Center at:

2. Telephone the Trademark Assistance Center

If you are unable to use the Trademark Search and Document Retrieval, then again you can telephone the Trademark Assistance Center to access help. 


Do You Need Help Checking Your Trademark Status? 

If you do, then get help with your trademark status from iGERENT. We are a company that specializes in providing global intellectual property services. We offer cost-effective solutions for any dispute related needs that you may have. We also have extensive experience in handling IP matters worldwide with a strong focus on trademarks, from a preliminary trademark search, through the filing of the trademark application with the relevant trademark office and its corresponding follow-ups, to the completion of registration and delivery of trademark certificates. 


When you work with iGERENT, an IP consultant will be assigned to you to help with any IP services you may require in the jurisdiction of your interest. As different countries have different requirements and time frames, our consultants will advise you and monitor the processes entrusted to our Attorneys. We will always keep you updated on any major developments. So, regardless of the countries, you are associated with, you will be able to monitor any advances through your online account or contacting your assigned IP consultant. You also can register your trademark in the USA through our website.

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