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The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) service includes individual and independent services for Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Services for the GCC will be done for each member country individually.

Search report For GCC member countries, reports are only offered for word elements. Delivery time: 5 business days.

Application Approximate process duration for straightforward cases will vary in each GCC member state; to register in all countries the process may take 12 to 14 months. In the case of Bahrain, the process time may be up to 2 years.

The prices expressed are for straightforward cases and include all official and professional fees. The prices do not include responses to office actions (e.g. examiner’s refusal), defenses from third party pre- or post-registration oppositions or responses to cancellation actions during each individual application process.

For Bahrain, the price includes the translation of a brief description of goods and/or services. If the translation of a large amount of text is required, additional costs may apply.

For Saudi Arabia, the price only incudes up to 10 items per class. Additional items will be charged separately.

Final Fee for Registration The amount to be paid may vary. Price will be that expressed for the service at the moment when such is required or due.

Watch Service will be activated within 72 hours after payment has been cleared. Service is for 365 days.

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Recommendations and information about trademark registration in Gulf Cooperation Council countries

The Gulf Cooperation Council, commonly referred to as the GCC, is an organization formed by the countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The GCC is taking important steps in improving provisions in the trademark laws of each of its member countries to allow trademarks matters to be handled more efficiently and uniformly in all countries that compose the GCC.

For information regarding trademarks and services for any of the individual member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, please visit our individual country pages:

BahrainKuwaitOmanQatarSaudi ArabiaUnited Arab Emirates

Unlike other regional agreements that allow for a single trademark application and subsequent registration to grant protection in all member states, in the case of the GCC, in order for a trademark to be protected in all member states, it will have to be filed and registered in all six member countries directly. The GCC currently does not contemplate an individual trademark for all member countries, nor are there any plans to do so in the future. What the GCC is currently setting out to achieve is for the trademark laws and processes of all countries that belong to the organization be similar.

Therefore, although great steps have been taken to harmonize trademark matters in these countries, currently and in the future, trademark holders will have to apply for their trademarks directly in each member country of the GCC in which they want their trademarks protected. As a trademark owner, you may choose to register your trademark in one or more countries of the GCC. When filing a trademark in any of the GCC member states, you are not obligated to register your trademark in the other GCC member countries.

The key factors that GCC countries are setting out to establish may be subdivided in three main categories:

What can be registered as a trademark in GCC member countries

The definition of what constitutes a trademark will include sound marks, smell marks and single colors.

How a trademark can be registered in GCC member countries

Certified translations and transliterations of trademarks that are not in Arabic will have to be presented at the moment of filing.

Multiclass applications will be allowed. Currently, in some member countries, if a trademark is to be registered in more than one class, independent applications for each class have to be filed. With multiclass applications on the way, the costs of registration should decrease for trademarks that will be registered in more than one class.

Priority may be claimed when filing a trademark based on a previous foreign application.

Considerations as to whether identical or similar trademarks exist will not be limited to the class under which a trademark is filed. Confusing similarity also take into account trademarks filed or registered for similar goods or services even if they fall in different classes.

How a trademark can be enforced in GCC member countries

Protection of well-known trademarks is to improve in regards to what constitutes a well-known trademark. Well-known trademarks in GCC countries will not have to be registered in order to be granted protection. The translation of a well-known trademark will now also have protection.

Finally, once registered, if a trademark is not used for a period of 5 years in the member country of the GCC in which it is registered, third parties will be able to present cancellations actions against the registered trademark.


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trademark registration in Gulf Cooperation Council countries

Different countries have different requirements and time frames when it comes to trademarks. When working with iGERENT, a trademark consultant will be assigned specifically to you, and will assist you with whatever trademark related services you require. Along with advising you, your consultant will continuously monitor your trademark processes, keeping you up to date with any developments. Regardless of the amount of countries in which you have services being processed, you will be able to monitor any advances through your online account, or by contacting your assigned trademark consultant directly.

Regardless of which country or countries you are ordering trademark services for, all payments will be made through our online portal. Our online portal allows easy and safe payment to be made via PayPal, by major credit cards such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover, and even Bitcoin. If you like, you may also pay directly via wire transfer* (bank transfer) to our US bank account.

*Clients that pay via wire transfer (bank transfer) are eligible to receive a 5% discount.

A registered trademark grants exclusive nationwide use: Registering your trademark grants you protection and the exclusive right to use your trademark in connection to the products and services for which you have registered in a determined country or territory. As a registered trademark owner you can take legal action against anyone who uses your brand without your permission, including counterfeiters.

A registered trademark serves as a deterrent against third parties that would otherwise use identical or confusingly similar trademarks for identical or similar goods or services. In most countries the prior existence of a considerably similar registered trademark is grounds for government offices to refuse a subsequent registration. Furthermore, trademark owners have the right to oppose similar trademarks from being registered. 

A registered trademark grants one the right to use the ® Symbol: Upon registration you will be able to use this symbol in order to demonstrate that your trademark has been registered and is enforceable by law. It also serves as notice to competitors that you are serious about protecting your trademark rights. Such right is limited to the countries in which the trademark is registered.

It is illegal and punishable by law to use this symbol if your trademark has not been registered; fines and penalties vary depending on the jurisdiction. The use of the ® symbol in some countries is also obligatory if a trademark has been registered in order to be able to present legal actions or remedies against a third party that uses a trademark without the owner’s consent.

A registered trademark is necessary to enlist help from countries’ Customs Service (Customs and Border Patrol): if a trademark has been registered, actions can be taken in order to request local customs services to prevent the entering or exportation of goods that use an identical or confusingly similar trademark.

Priority for subsequent applications: The first application for a trademark will grant the holder the right to subsequently claim priority when applying for an identical trademark in the vast majority of countries in the world, for a period of 6 months. If priority is claimed inside the period of 6 months from the first application, the subsequent applications will be considered as having been presented on the same date as the application in the first country. This is important in case there are conflicting trademarks that were filed after the first application.


For more information regarding Priority please visit our General FAQs

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