iGERENT's services FAQs

iGERENT's services FAQs

Everything you really need to know about iGERENT's Services

When working with iGERENT, an IP consultant will be assigned to you, through whom you will be able to request any IP services you may require in the jurisdiction of your interest.

Different countries have different requirements and time frames when it comes to IP, and our consultants will advise you and monitor the processes entrusted to the attorneys that work with us, keeping you up to date with any developments.

Regardless of the amount of countries in which you have services being processed, you will be able to monitor any advances through your online account or by contacting your assigned IP consultant.

You can find the name and email address of your assigned Consultant by connecting to your account. You can also write to [email protected] or call any of our phone numbers to be connected to your Consultant.

You can check your online portfolio by connecting to your account and clicking on “my portfolio”, or by clicking on this link.

Your Consultant will keep your account updated with the latest news about your IP portfolio.

Whether on our website or in the quotes our Consultants send to our clients, our prices are clear and straightforward. They will always include all professional fees as well as government or official fees. Our business model is based on the premise that our clients should always know what they are paying for and how much a determined service will cost. This ensures that they can plan their budgets adequately.

We do not charge hourly rates, nor do we bill a service after it has been performed. Paying upfront for each service provides for our clients the guarantee that no additional funds will be necessary to complete a task entrusted to us. With iGERENT, hidden costs will never be an issue.