Why and how to register a trademark in the Solomon Islands

In the Solomon Islands, trademark registration is mandatory to be granted rights over a trademark, as it is a "first to file" jurisdiction. Only in some exceptional cases can an unregistered trademark be protected.

In order to obtain a trademark registration in the Solomon Islands, it is necessary to first have the trademark registered in the United Kingdom and then to extend it through the Solomon Islands Registrar General’s Office.

For further information regarding trademark registration in the United Kingdom, please click here.

Prior use of the trademark in the Solomon Islands is not necessary in order to extend a UK registration.

If you register a combined trademark (which includes both word elements and figurative elements) in the Solomon Islands, the exclusive right to use the trademark is limited to a use of the trademark in the exact configuration or way in which it was filed and registered. If you wish to use the word element of your trademark separately from the logo (or vice versa), it is recommended you register for another trademark including only the word or figurative elements you wish to use and protect separately.

There is no opposition procedure in the Solomon Islands.

It is not necessary to use the trademark in the Solomon Islands in order to maintain its registration.

Registered trademarks in the Solomon Islands have the same validity as the UK registered trademark on which they are based. Once the UK trademark is renewed in the UK, the renewal must also be requested in the Solomon Islands.


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