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Trademark Registration in Jersey


Trademark Search in Jersey

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Carry out a pre registration trademark search before the trademark office of Jersey to determine the chances of registering your trademark in Jersey before filing the trademark application. Receive an expert's advice!


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Trademark Registration in Jersey

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Register your trademark in Jersey. Use our online form to place your order and have a local attorney file a trademark application in Jersey. Protecting your trademark starts here!


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Trademark Fees in Jersey

Search prices First class $120.00 - Each additional class $90.00

Searches for a trademark’s figurative elements (logo) are not available. The search will only be for the trademark’s verbal elements.

Application prices First class $1,860.00 - Each additional class $280.00

In order to obtain protection in Jersey, it is first necessary to have the trademark registered in the United Kingdom. 

If the trademark has been registered in the United Kingdom, then its extension to Jersey must be requested with the Intellectual Property Registry of the Bailiwick of Jersey.

If you register a combined trademark (which includes both word elements and figurative elements) in Jersey, the exclusive right to use the trademark is limited to a use of the trademark in the exact configuration or way in which it was filed and registered. If you wish to use the word element of your trademark separately from the logo (or vice versa), it is recommended you register for another trademark including only the word or figurative elements you wish to use and protect separately.

Registered trademarks in Jersey have their validity dependent on the registration in the United Kingdom. As long as the trademark remains in force in the United Kingdom so does its extension in Jersey. Once a trademark has been renewed in the United Kingdom, then it must also be requested in Jersey.


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