Trademark Registration in Myanmar


Trademark Registration in Myanmar

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Register your trademark in Myanmar. Use our online form to place your order and have a local attorney file a trademark application in Myanmar. Protecting your trademark starts here!


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Trademark Fees in Myanmar

Application prices First class $740.00 - Each additional class $440.00

In Myanmar, a new trademark system is being implemented. Currently, only trademarks already registered with the previous system can be filed under this new system. New trademarks can be filed under the new system starting March 2021; the fees are yet to be announced.

Why and How to Register a Trademark in Myanmar

In Myanmar, apart from registering a trademark, it is highly recommended that the owner of a trademark publish a cautionary notice of use once the trademark has been registered, as well as every 3 years. This is common practice in order for trademark owners to assert their rights over the mark, and due to the fact trademark renewals do not exist in Myanmar.


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