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Trademark Registration in Myanmar


Trademark Registration in Myanmar

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Register your trademark in Myanmar. Use our online form to place your order and have a local attorney file a trademark application in Myanmar. Protecting your trademark starts here!


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Trademark Fees in Myanmar

Application prices First class $750.00 - Each additional class $500.00

The fees indicated are for the filing a new trademark application under the old registration system.

Once the trademark is accepted, a final fee for registration will be due: First class $600 - Each additional class $400

Why and How to Register a Trademark in Myanmar

A new trademark system is currently being implemented in Myanmar.

Currently, only trademarks already registered with the previous system can be filed under this new system. Because of delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the grand opening for this registration system has been postponed and the system is still in the "soft period" and there is no fixed date for the grand opening.

For this reason, we recommend filing a trademark application using the old system. If the mark registers during the soft opening period, it can then be registered using the new system. 

If the grand opening happens before the trademark registers in the old system, then a new application for the new system can be filed immediately.


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