iGERENT's services FAQs

iGERENT's services FAQs

Everything you really need to know about iGERENT's Services

We pride ourselves on our security. In addition to SSL encryption, we use the highest industry standards for e-commerce and drupal-based websites.

Does iGERENT store any financial information on its website?

iGERENT does not store any financial or credit card information on its website.

iGERENT is fully committed to protecting its clients’ privacy and confidential information. We take great care not to disclose any personal information, as outlined in our Privacy policy.

However, you must be aware that when processing an application for the registration of any intellectual property rights, or services related to these rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.), certain owner information will become public. The different local intellectual property registration authorities (government authorities) will publish the owner information of the different intellectual property rights to be registered, either through a digital publicly accessible database or physically through paper journals, bulletins or gazettes, or both. The information that will become public is the applicant’s or owner’s full name, nationality and address.

iGERENT LLC is a US-based company that provides services worldwide. We are registered with the State of Delaware and in the State of Florida.

You can search us under the name “iGerent LLC” in Florida’s Division of Corporations.

We use ShopperApproved, an independent third-party company, to gather our clients’ opinions on our services. All our clients are asked to leave their comments, which will be automatically posted online regardless of the content of their review.

To check our company’s rating and client comments, you can visit iGERENT’s User Reviews page or search for iGERENT’s ratings and reviews directly through your search engine of choice.