Industrial Designs FAQ

Industrial Designs FAQ

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As of today, the protection of designs is territorial and there is no international registry, nor are there any plans to create one in the near future. With the exception of certain regional agreements, applications must be filed country by country or through the Hague International Agreement via WIPO.

The Hague System, managed by WIPO (World Industrial Property Organization), offers a practical solution for registering industrial designs in more than 90 countries by submitting one single application. Contrary to how the Madrid system works with trademarks, it is not necessary to have submitted an application or to be the holder of a national / regional registry in order to submit an application.

A community design is one that protects the appearance of a product in all countries that are part of the European Union through one single application. It has an initial validity of five years, which can be renewed for periods of 5 years up to a maximum of 25.

As in the trademark sector, there are some regional agreements that allow applicants to obtain protection in several countries through one single application. Currently, the regional agreements available for industrial designs are the European Union in Europe, and ARIPO and OAPI in Africa.