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iGERENT. About us

Providing Trademark and IP services worldwide.

We are a company that specializes in providing global intellectual property services. We provide cost-effective solutions for our clients’ trademark, patent, copyright and domain name dispute related needs.

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with IP matters worldwide, and will assist you with whatever IP related services you may require. 

How it works

When working with iGERENT, an IP consultant will be assigned to you, through whom you will be able to request any IP services you may require in the jurisdiction of your interest. Different countries have different requirements and time frames when it comes to IP and our consultants will advise you and monitor the processes entrusted to the Attorneys that work with us, keeping you up to date with any developments. Regardless of the amount of countries in which you have services being processed, you will be able to monitor any advances through your online account or by contacting your assigned IP consultant.

A service tailored to our client's needs

In iGERENT we pride ourselves on granting all of our clients the same importance, whether they are small business owners or large corporations. However, we understand that their needs are diverse. For this reason, we have assembled a team of professionals with diverse areas of expertise and skills, who all nevertheless possess strong backgrounds in the fields of trademarks and other intellectual property matters.

With the understanding that very few trademark owners will have the means, or even the necessity, to protect their trademarks in every single jurisdiction, our Consultants will be able to analyze our clients' markets of interest, present and future plans, and budget, in order to offer them recommendations and strategies to best protect their interests.

Trustworthiness and transparency

In an ever-growing globalized market, face-to-face meetings are becoming less and less common or possible. As we find that trustworthiness is an essential feature of legal services, especially those provided over the internet, we have made transparency one of our most important company policies.

For each service that we process, our trademark Consultants will provide our clients with all the relevant details as well as the complete related documentation. This way, they will rest assured that all the necessary measures and steps are being taken to guarantee that their rights and interested are being safeguarded.

Clear and straightforward pricing

Whether on our website or in the quotations our Consultants send to our clients, our prices are clear and straightforward. They will always include all professional fees as well as government or official fees. Our business model is based on the premise that our clients should always know what they are paying for and how much a determined service will cost. This ensures that they are able to plan their budgets adequately.

We do not charge hourly rates, nor do we bill a service after it has been performed. Paying upfront for each service provides for our clients the guarantee that no additional funds will be necessary to complete a task entrusted to us. With iGERENT, hidden costs will never be an issue.

Continuous monitoring of local processes

One of the challenges of international trademark registration is that each country has its own unique trademark law, with different timeframes, procedures and renewal periods, and that trademarks are handled by local attorneys in each jurisdiction. It can make the monitoring of a portfolio of trademarks a complex experience.

For this reason, iGERENT has developed a unique docketing system and software, in which each country's specific regulations have been inputted, and which allows our trademark Consultants to monitor each local process with the required care and efficiency.

A single channel of communication

International trademark portfolios not only require keeping track of deadlines and procedures in numerous countries, they also mean communicating with the local attorneys in charge of trademark processes, which implies dealing such inconveniences as time differences, different currencies or language barriers, among others.

With iGERENT, our clients do not have to worry about it. Regardless of the amount of services they require or how many jurisdictions those services concern, all communication and billing will be centralized through one online account and one trademark Consultant. Our clients direct all their inquiries, regardless of their nature, to their assigned Consultant, ensuring an easy and fluid communication.

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