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Upload a file with the image of your trademark. Formats allowed are: JPG, PNG and GIF.

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Select Nice classes for your trademark search

Select the classes in which to register your trademark, depending on which products or services the mark will be used for. Once you have selected the classes fill in the corresponding boxes with the description of products or services.

If you have doubts regarding the classes in which to apply, consult our Class search tool.

Nice Class Search

Type in the search box, once at a time, the products or services to determine what class they belong to. If a determined item does not appear in any class, try inputting a more general term as to how the product or service could be referred to.

The Class Headings are the descriptions that appear beside each class number. These are general descriptions of what products or services correspond to each class. If a determined item does not appear when searched for, reading the class headings will allow you to determine what class your product or service corresponds to due to its nature. Classes 01 to 34 are for products and classes 35 to 45 for services.


If you are not sure how to fill in the boxes, leave them blank and an IP Consultant will get back to you in case the information is required.

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