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Trademark Related Services

We can assist you with practically any trademark related services that you require worldwide. Contact us in order to receive information or a quote for the specific services you need or are interested in. Our services include, but are not limited to:


Trademark assignments

Transfer ownership of a trademark that has been applied for or has already been registered. A change of owner's rights must be registered with the country's trademark authority. Please be aware that in certain countries, only registered trademarks can be transferred.  


Change of trademark owner details

Change or update a trademark owner’s information, such as address details or change of name, through local registries.


Response to office actions, examiner's initial refusal or objections

If a trademark application is initially refused by a trademark office, a document will be sent outlining the grounds for rejection. Depending on the grounds, responding to the refusal may allow for a trademark to be accepted. Contact us in order to determine the probabilities of success for responding to an initial refusal. Please bear in mind that responses must be presented within a determined time period before they lapse. Time frames vary between countries and can sometimes be extremely brief. 


Trademark Opposition procedures

If a third party applies for a trademark that affects another trademark owner's rights, legal remedies may be taken in order to prevent the registration of the conflicting trademark. We may be able to help you in order to present, or defend your trademark against, opposition actions.


Trademark revocations, cancellation or nullity actions

Actions may be presented in order to have a registered trademark removed. Actions may be presented against registered trademarks depending on the circumstances (varying in the different jurisdictions). Example of commonly recognized basis for these actions are the lack of real and effective use of a trademark, if such a trademark was registered in bad faith, if a trademark has become generic, or if the registered trademark conflicts and produces confusion with a well-known or famous trademark. We may be able to help you in order to present, or defend your trademark against, this type of actions. Bases for cancellation of a trademark vary between jurisdictions.


Trademark Licensing Agreements

A trademark owner may wish to allow a third party to use their trademark in commerce without transferring ownership. A licensing agreement allows an owner to authorize the use of the trademark, usually upon payment, to a determined person or entity, usually for a limited period of time and specific geographical raange, as well as in connection with determined products or services. We can assist you in order to license your trademark in different countries, complying with local licensing requisites, and registering such agreements when necessary. 


Customs and Border Patrol

As a trademark owner you are given the exclusive right to use your trademark in connection to the goods and/or services for which it was registered in the determined country of registration. If you believe counterfeited goods that affect your trademark and rights are being imported or exported, actions may be taken in order for authorities to seize, impound and destroy conflicting goods. 


Registering a Security Interest over a trademark

A security interest is the act through which certain property is offered as collateral in case previously agreed obligations are not performed of paid. These are usually requested by creditors or offered by the owner in order to secure the payment of a debt. 

Certain countries allow for trademarks to be offered as security interests, being necessary to register it through the registration office (e.g. Australia, USA, UK). Contact us if you are interested in registering a security interest.


Other Trademark related services

Contact us if you are interested in or require any services related with trademarks; we may be able to help.