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Ranking of the most valuable brands of 2014

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Interbrand recently published the yearly ranking of the most valuable brands in the market. No surprises here, in accordance with what has been the tendency in the past decades, US tech companies are on the top.

The top two brands, Apple and Google, have the same calculated value to the next five brands put together, with both of their values surging.

By Sector


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Regardless of the level of concentration and competitiveness automotive brands are the sector with most presence in this years ranking.

*FMCG: (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Por país

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New to this year’s ranking is Lego, Paypal, Mini, Moët & Chandon and Lenovo. Lenovo is just the second Chinese brand to make it into the ranking after Huawei.

Brands that have been removed from this year’s ranking are Duracell, Pizza Hut, Nokia, GAP and Nintendo.

Volkswagen Controversy

There is no doubt that the Volkswagens image and brand has suffered with the recent finding that they included software in some of their models in order to pass some meat eaters as vegans.

Although without a doubt Volkswagens image will be hurt, it will be interesting to see if the iconic German brand will hurt “Made in Germany” as a whole. Its actions may very well drag down other German brands from future rankings that under normal circumstances would have been included. 


Tirso García - Product Manager en iGERENT

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Source | Interbrands