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PCT Patent National Phase


If you have already begun the patent registration process in your country you can use the Patent Cooperation Treaty system to transform your application into an International application, thus beginning the process that will allow you to extend your patent to any of the PCT member countries of your interest.

Assuming you have received your PCT Number (PCT/XX/00000001), we can offer you the option of entering the national phase in several jurisdictions. If you do not yet have it, you may still contact us so that we can provide you with information on how to begin with the PCT system.


The PCT system allows for patents that have already been transformed into an international applications (International Phase) to be extended to several countries (National Phase) if the applicant can provide the necessary translations and if the application is presented in time.

PCT countries

Most countries in the world have signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The full list of countries can be found in the WIPO PCT Contractic States page which shows the country and its date ofadherence to the treaty. 

PCT Time Limit Calculator

The process to submit your international application to the local National Phase has a very strict deadline that cannot be postponed. This deadline is calculated from the earliest priority data. WIPO offers an excellent PCT Timeline which explains the deadlines of the process for PCT applications.

If you are unsure if you still have time to begin the National Phase, use the WIPO PCT Time Limit Calculator.


As beneficial as the PCT system is, it unfortunately still retains translation requirements. In some countries it facilitates the process as applications may be done in other languages, but regardless the translations must always be included.

How to begin the process?

If you have already started the International Phase and you have made sure that the deadline to apply has not already passed, please send us the following information via the contact form below:

PCT number

If your patent is yet to be published:

  • Earliest Priority date
  • Patent lengt in number words
  • Language
  • Pages
  • Claims
  • Drawings included
  • Dependent claims


Contact us for additional information

The information above is just an introduction to a very complex system that requires extensive analysis and cost-benefit calculations. We advise you to contact us for further details if you are interested.