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Here's Why You Should Hire A Trademark Lawyer

Are you thinking of trademarking your brand? If you think you are capable of handling this on your own, you should reconsider. Hiring a lawyer specializing in trademarks gives you a 50% more chance of getting your application approved. A trademark lawyer will have the knowledge and experience to assist you with this process.

Read on to see why you should hire one.


Trademark lawyers can make the tough decisions for you

Applying for a trademark is a legal process. While you may think that you are confident enough to do so on your own, you won't be able to handle the legal proceedings. This is where a trademark lawyer comes into play. An attorney will be able to make sure you are not taking any risks when registering your trademark. They will also be able to thoroughly search and investigate whether or not your trademark or any that is confusingly similar has already been filed or registered. They will also file the application on your behalf. This way you don't have to struggle through all the legal jargon. Imagine it as one less stress on the way to creating or promoting your brand.


They can help you with disputes

Throughout your trademark process, you are likely to experience some obstacles or disputes. Trademarks are often disputed or objected to, as others try to oppose your application or the trademarks office issues objections against it. Your attorney will be able to analyze these events and provide legal advice for you. They will also be able to handle any legal proceedings that may take place as a result of these disputes.


They will save you money and resources

It may seem like a huge financial strain to hire an attorney, but in the long run, they will be able to save you money. A trademark lawyer can tell you whether or not your trademark registration is achievable. Imagine taking the time to use your trademark and publicize it, only to discover that it is not a possible to register it as a trademark.

Instead of wasting your finances and your time, make sure you run your ideas through an attorney first.


Attorneys can protect you

Think about this! You created a trademark and have gone through all the processes to establish it as yours. And then someone tries to use your trademark. Your attorney will ensure that your trademark is not infringed upon. If necessary, they will be able to take legal action against the other party. Alternatively, even as a small business, you could potentially be found to have infringed upon a larger brand.

The possibility of this occurring would be greatly reduced with an attorney advising you from the beginning.


In Conclusion

Some things can – and should - be done on your own; but trademark registration is not one of them. For important things such as this, you want to be more safe than sorry. A trademark lawyer will be able to assist you with all of the decision making.  They will also be able to make sure you are complying with local laws and complete the legal paperwork for you.

With something as crucial as your brand, you want to make sure that you're taking all the necessary steps.

If you need assistance with the trademark process, reach out to trusted professionals.