How to use your corporate image correctly

corporate image

When talking about corporate image, many quickly associate this term with logos. But do you think this concept only refers to the visual elements of a brand? Far from it...

In general terms, we can say that the image of a business is a matter of brand perception; that it is a matter of designing and defining the elements that represent the brand and its values. Therefore, it is an intangible concept.

Retailer brand vs own-brand

Differences between retailer brand and own-brand

Each of us has, at least once in our lives, consumed a retailer brand product, otherwise called a white label brand. But what exactly is a white label brand and how is it different from a market-leading brand? 

Interestingly, retailer brands originated in Germany during the Second World War. These were times of crisis and that was precisely what triggered consumers to buy cheaper products from brands that were unknown. Over time, this spread to other countries, for example in Spain it was not until the late 70s when the Simago supermarkets began to market these brands.

Our Christmas Holiday Trademark Tips

Christmas trademarks

Christmas is just around the corner! Everything red and green and sparkly and shiny is starting to run out in all the stores. This is by far the biggest and most important consumer holiday of the year.

Christmas can sometimes make or break a company. One of the most important aspects that you cannot fall short on when starting a company, is a secure and exclusive trademark.

Is your brand an image, a logo, or an imagotype?

What is a logo

It is very common to hear most people using the term “logo” to refer to the graphic and visual element that represents a brand. But in reality, this is not entirely correct. Not everything we see as a brand image is the same. Do you know what a logo is and how it is actually identified?

There are different visual elements that represent a brand, so each new branding project should be well planned before starting on the design. Keep in mind that the public will identify your brand through this visual element.

Is your logo yours or the designer's?

Is your logo yours or the designer's

Most companies hire brand design services from a freelance or a design and advertising agency when they need to improve their image and create a solid corporate identity to connect with their audience and improve their online reputation. 

So far so good. But what happens with those creations? Do you know exactly who owns the rights to them, the client or the designer? 

What Is Cybersquatting and How Can It Affect A Trademark?


It can take less than 5 minutes to register a domain name online, for a fee that can be as low as $10. However, in a world of "first come, first served," many things can go wrong – and they often do. As we all know, not everyone acts in an ethical manner.

What happens when someone registers a domain name to profit from someone else's brand? The short answer: the brand suffers. 

If you want to learn about cybersquatting, and what it means for trademarks, keep reading.

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