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Australian Trademarks Office updates its fee structure

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IP Australia, the institution in charge of intellectual property matters in Australia, has recently decided to implement some changes to its fee structure, which will come into effect on October 10, 2016. The changes related to trademarks will significantly impact the registration process. 

Currently, once a trademark application in Australia has been approved by the Trademarks Office and the opposition period has been closed, the applicant must pay registration fees in order to secure the actual registration of the trademark. If those fees are not paid within the allocated timeframe or the grace period, then the trademark application will be deemed abandoned.

In order to simplify the process, this step will be eliminated, which means that once the trademark is definitely approved, it will be automatically registered, without the need of for additional payments or any interaction between the applicant and IP Australia.

In order to compensate the elimination of the registration fee, both the application fee and the renewal fee have been increased by 130 and 100 Australian dollars respectively (per class), which is less than the 300 Australian dollars per class of the current registration fees.

This means that overall, registering a trademark in Australia after October 10, 2016 should be less expensive in terms of official fees than before. Note that for trademark applications filed before that date, the registration fees will still need to be paid in order for a trademark to register.


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Author: Victoire Bauvin Trademark Consultant @ iGERENT